Cleaning List:


  • Covid-19 Pandemic:

We are wiping door knobs, handles, and all surfaces with Clorox or Lysol.



Counters, sink, microwave, refrigerator, unload dishwasher of clean dishes, coffee maker, stove/oven, inside/outside cabinets and drawers, rinse out garbage can, organizing, throw away clutter.



Every square inch of tub/shower, toilet, lav/vanity, mirror, refill hand soap, replace toilet paper.



Ceiling fans, baseboards, interior windows, blinds, furniture, glass, inside/outside sliding glass doors.



*Vacuum and mop, thoroughly.


*Make beds and fold towels.





This is a general informational policy. Some of it may not apply or there may be extra items not specified on this list. Each client is different and has their own specified cleaning package or verbal agreement.


*There will be a $40 charge to pay housekeepers who drive to a condo for a scheduled cleaning, but who are not able to clean for reasons beyond their control. For example, a change in guest schedule that I was not notified of.

*There will be a $30 per hour charge to pay housekeepers who drive to a condo for a scheduled cleaning, but have to wait while guests check out late. Housekeeper will be instructed to wait outside until guests vacate.

*There is an excessive mess fee of $30 per hour per housekeeper beyond the normal cleaning time. (parties, kids go crazy, garbage all over floor, food ground into couch/smeared on walls, comforters, etc.-We’ve seen it all!)

*If there is any damage, left belongings, or excessive mess, the housekeeper will take pictures and I will notify you immediately.

 *We ask that guests do NOT strip the beds.

*We ask that guests Do strip sofa sleepers.

*We request that guests wash at least one load of towels before they depart.

* All Beach Towels are required to be washed, dried, and folded by the guests.

*Keyless entry and Lockbox entry VITAL:

We recommend a backup lockbox with an extra key, or an extra key hidden somewhere outside. Batteries die and Guests lose keys or lock them inside when they depart. They assume housekeepers have a key. (This happens frequently)



Scheduling cleaning dates:

I log cleaning dates as soon as I receive them. I confirm with you a couple days before each cleaning. I will inform you when the housekeeper is finished each time. I love reminders, so feel free to confirm with me first! If you are aware that a guest will be departing early, please let me know so my housekeeper can arrive early.


Owners closet supplies list:

Toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, dishwasher pods, dishwashing liquid, hand soap, dish sponges, garbage bags.

At least One extra set of sheets per bed size. Extra bath towels, washcloths.

Key to closet hidden somewhere inside condo, preferably on a nail inside the AC closet or water heater closet inside frame on the left side.


We put one extra roll of toilet paper in each bathroom, one extra garbage bag under kitchen sink, 2 dishwasher pods, and up to 4 laundry pods.


We take pictures when finished -- mainly for me.


CHECKOUT INSTRUCTIONS (to be emailed to guests and posted in the condo)


-Remove all perishable items.

-Take out all trash.

-Load and start the dishwasher.

-Do NOT strip the beds.

- Do strip sheets from sleeper sofas.

-Wash dry and fold all beach towels.

-Wash one load of bath towels before departure.

-Make sure all doors and windows are closed and locked.

-Turn off all lights, ceiling fans, and electronics.

-Leave the house in the condition it was when you arrived.

-Return key to the lockbox for housekeeper to enter.


-Additional fees will apply for the following:

*Unapproved late checkout.

*Excessive laundry or excessive mess.

*The house is left in any unsatisfactory way.



Garbage is picked up on (day)

If there is any trash in the garbage can, please roll it to the curb (____) evening. Then, roll the can back to the house after trash is picked up on (____)


We hope you enjoy your stay! As your housekeeping service, we want your stay to be relaxing and enjoyable. We strive to maintain your vacation home so you can make the most of your vacation.

If you feel it is not cleaned to your satisfaction, or you need anything during your visit, please call or contact us through our website.

We value you as a guest and hope to see you again next year! Your feedback directly to us is appreciated.



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