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Cleaning Dates:  Great Change Cleaning Service will log cleaning dates as soon as they are received and will confirm with you the day before each cleaning.

Cleaning Fees: Rates are set and typically do not fluctuate unless there are unusual circumstances. Cancellation Policy:  Great Change Cleaning Service must know of any changes to the calendar or cancellations within 24 hours to avoid a fee of half of the cleaning cost.

Holidays:  We are open for business every day of the year except Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. We do not clean on those two days. We do clean on July 4th and Blue Angels, however, they are the busiest days of the year, and we are doubled up, so some condos won’t get cleaned until late afternoon or the following day.

Exchanging Phone Numbers:  Housekeepers and clients are not to exchange phone numbers. Any scheduling, payments, and communication go directly through Great Change Cleaning Service. It can get confusing when housekeepers and clients communicate and then it doesn’t go as planned because they forget to communicate scheduling or issues.


Dusting:  Ceiling fans, baseboards, interior windows, blinds, furniture, glass, inside/outside sliding glass doors. If you have glass doors, a squeegee is recommended.

Kitchen:  Counters, sink, microwave, refrigerator, unload dishwasher of clean dishes, coffee maker, stove/oven, inside/outside cabinets and drawers, rinse out garbage can, organizing, throw away clutter. Bathrooms:  Every square inch of tub/shower, toilet, lav/vanity, mirror, refill hand soap, replace toilet paper. A drain unclogging tool is also recommended (they’re about $3 at Home Depot).

Floors: Vacuum and mop, thoroughly.

Finishing up:  Make beds and fold towels. We straighten tables and chairs and put things where they belong.



* Handyman tasks: Housekeepers may or may not know how to do, or be comfortable doing, handyman type tasks, however, they may be asked occasionally to do simple things like replace door batteries.  Housekeepers don’t typically carry tools other than for cleaning.

* Requests outside of regular cleaning: Any work other than typical cleaning, such as maintenance, handyman, or other circumstances not involving cleaning are not included in the cleaning fee.  The content in this policy is for informational purposes only. Some of it may not apply to each owner. GCCS values you as a client and strives to maintain a quality service and a positive working relationship. Feel free to communicate any feedback or issues. Thank you!

Duties GCCS will not perform. There are some duties you should not expect from a housekeeper, including anything that puts them in physical danger or is not in their area of expertise. Here are a few examples of duties GCCS will not perform: Outdoor window washing. We do clean the outside of sliding glass doors, but not every window. This would be a separate job than regular cleaning. Cleaning up human waste. Exposure to human waste can be dangerous. Lifting heavy objects or moving furniture anything over about 35 pounds.   

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