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CONDO CLEANING POLICY revised August 2022



  1. Cleaning Dates: Great Change Cleaning Service, hereafter referred to as GCCS, will log cleaning dates as soon as they are received. GCCS will confirm with you the day before each cleaning. We love reminders, so feel free to confirm with us first! If you are aware that a guest will be departing early, please let us know so your housekeeper can arrive early.

  2. Set cleaning fees: Rates are set and do not typically fluctuate unless there are unusual circumstances, such as an excessive mess where either a.) more housekeepers are called in, or b.) cleaning goes beyond normal cleaning time. Other extra fees may result from excessive laundry that needs to be taken to the laundromat. Washer/dryer fees plus compensation to housekeeper for the extra work.

  3. Cancellation policy: Please let GCCS know of any changes to the calendar or cancellations within 24 hours to avoid a fee of half of the cleaning cost. Housekeepers rely on these jobs and when they are canceled, they could have been scheduled elsewhere. The sooner GCCS is made aware of any changes to the schedule, the more efficiently the housekeepers can be scheduled.

  4. Extra door key: GCCS recommends having an extra key hidden in a lockbox or somewhere on the property in case the keyless entry batteries go dead, guests lose keys, or lock keys inside.

  5. Holidays: GCCS is open for business every day of the year except Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. We do not clean on those two days. If you have a check-out on either day, we ask that you block the calendar so it can be cleaned the following day.

           The 4th of July and Blue Angels Airshow: If you are willing, we ask that you block               

            turnarounds, same-day check-ins, on these two days. We do clean on July 4th and Blue    

            Angels, however, they are the busiest days of the year, and we are doubled up, so some  

            condos won’t get cleaned until late afternoon or the following day

  1. Exchanging phone numbers: GCCS prefers that housekeepers and clients not exchange phone numbers. Any scheduling, payments, and communication go through GCCS. It can get confusing when housekeepers and clients communicate and then it doesn’t go as planned because they forget to communicate scheduling or issues with GCCS.


Owner’s closet supply list:  The key to owner’s closet should be hidden somewhere inside the condo, preferably on a nail inside the door frame of the HVAC closet or water heater closet on the left side.

*One extra set of sheets per bed size. *Extra bath towels, hand towels, washcloths. *Dishcloths.

*Toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, dishwasher pods, dishwashing liquid, hand soap, dish sponges, kitchen garbage bags, bathroom trash bags. (Shampoos, conditioners, body wash, if provided).

 Housekeepers will put out:

Four (4) laundry detergent pods

Two (2) dishwasher pods

One (1) extra garbage bag. (one garbage bag in the can, one under the sink)

One (1) extra roll of toilet paper in each bathroom. (the half-used roll on the roller and one extra)

Roll of paper towels. (no extras)

Refill liquid dish soap, hand soaps, shampoos, body wash, as needed.

Replace kitchen sponge as needed.

There should be a broom & dustpan, vacuum, and an all-purpose cleaner and rags accessible for guests to use. If you have glass doors, a squeegee is recommended. A drain unclogging tool is also recommended (they’re about $3 at Home Depot).





Ceiling fans, baseboards, interior windows, blinds, furniture, glass, inside/outside sliding glass doors.


Counters, sink, microwave, refrigerator, unload dishwasher of clean dishes, coffee maker, stove/oven, inside/outside cabinets and drawers, rinse out garbage can, organizing, throw away clutter.


Every square inch of tub/shower, toilet, lav/vanity, mirror, refill hand soap, replace toilet paper.


Vacuum and mop, thoroughly.

Finishing up:

Make beds and fold towels.

We straighten tables and chairs and put things where they belong if they were moved by the guests.

Pictures: (GCCS will provide pictures upon request)

We take pictures when finished -- mainly if there is ever any question about damage, missing items, or proper cleaning.

Full room pictures of all the rooms: bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, kitchen, dining room. Close-ups:  stove-top, coffee maker, refrigerator, thermostat, back door deadbolted.

*If housekeepers notice any damage, left belongings, or excessive mess, the housekeeper will take pictures and will notify GCCS immediately. Housekeepers are not home inspectors and are not responsible for reporting damage or items needing servicing if they don’t see it.



  • Covid-19 Pandemic Cleaning List:

We are wiping all high-touch surfaces with Clorox or Lysol.

door knobs, faucets, handles, remote controls, light switches, counters.


Check-out instructions. Guests need to see / hear check-out info a minimum of 3 times.


1. Have checkout instructions posted online.

2. Have checkout instructions posted on a wall AND in the guestbook in the condo.

3. Personally message/ communicate with your guests the check-out instructions in a separate message with little or no other information.


For Guests:  Check-out instructions:


* Check out Before 10:00am (or 11:00am).

* Leave the house / condo in the condition it was when you arrived.

* Take all trash, garbage, and recyclables to the outside cans.

* Remove all perishables from the refrigerator.

* Load and start the dishwasher. Housekeepers will put the clean dishes away.

* Do NOT strip the beds.

* Do strip sofa sleepers/ trundle beds and put the sofa back together.

* Wash at least one load of bath towels before you depart.

* All Beach Towels are required to be washed, dried, and folded by the guests.

* GARBAGE: Garbage is picked up on (day). Please roll the cans to the street on (the day before) and back to the house after it is picked up.


Suggestion for House Rules:


-No Loud music

-No Loud noises

-No Parties

-No Large gatherings

-No Rough housing

-No Smoking

-No Pets

-Only those authorized on the reservation are permitted on the property unless prior permission.


* Lockbox entry VITAL: Housekeepers do not have a key to this unit. It is vital that guests put the key back in the lockbox when they leave.


Please instruct guests on when and how to dispose of garbage/recyclables and to take garbage cans to and from the street. Housekeepers do not attend to garbage or outside garbage cans. If the housekeepers see that cans are overflowing or there are bags on the ground, the housekeeper will take pictures, inform GCCS, and do what we can to get the garbage up off the ground, however, garbage is not the housekeepers’ duty. Please instruct guests on garbage. You may need to request an additional garbage can from your garbage service provider or occasional extra pick-up.


For guests:

Garbage is picked up on (day), Please roll cans to the curb (day) evening. Then, roll the can back to the house after trash is picked up on (day).


Laminated posting for guests:

We hope you enjoy your stay! As your housekeeping service, we want your stay to be relaxing and enjoyable. We strive to maintain your vacation home so you can make the most of your vacation.

If you feel it is not cleaned to your satisfaction, or you need anything during your visit, please call or text us.

We value you as a guest and hope to see you again next year! Your feedback directly to us is appreciated.



The Team at

Great Change Cleaning Service



Additional Information/fees:

Additional fees will apply for the following:

*Unable to clean for reasons beyond GCCS’s control.

*Unapproved late checkout.

*Excessive laundry or excessive mess.

*The house is left in any unsatisfactory way.

*Emergency cleaning.

*Late payments.

*Driving charge

*Pet fee

*Human waste fee

*Handyman tasks

*Requests outside of normal cleaning


* Not able to clean for reasons beyond control. There is a $40 charge to pay housekeepers who drive to a scheduled cleaning, but who are not able to clean for reasons beyond their control. Examples: A change in guest schedule that GCCS was not notified. Missing keys. Changed lockbox or keyless entry code and not able to get in touch with owner.

* Late Check-out. There will be a $40 per hour charge to pay housekeepers who drive to a condo for a scheduled cleaning to wait while guests check out late. Housekeeper will be instructed to knock on the door and ask the guest how long it will be before they intend to leave. Housekeepers are not required to enter a house/condo while guests are still there, however, they may ask if they can get started while guests are packing up late.

* Excessive mess. There is an excessive mess fee of $40 per hour per housekeeper beyond the normal cleaning time. (piles of sand, trash in every room, trash/food on floor or under beds, beer/alcohol spilled on floor or furniture, food on furniture/smeared on walls, food or stains on comforters, etc.) Or anything beyond the normal cleaning. Excessive laundry- guests use an excessive number of towels and don’t wash any before they depart.

* Emergency cleaning. Extra $100 cleaning fee if client fails to give a cleaning date and housekeepers have to be called on short notice. Or any emergency cleaning not regularly scheduled.

* Late payments. Payment is due upon completion of each cleaning (or completion of the last cleaning of the month for monthly invoices). Past due fee of 50% of the cleaning fee will apply to unpaid invoices 5 calendar days of invoice date.

* Driving charge: There is a $40 fee for housekeepers to drive to a scheduled cleaning job, but are not able to clean for reasons beyond their control.

* Pet fee. An additional minimum $50 fee for cleaning dog/cat hair and/or pet food. If pet hair is excessive, fees will coincide with the time it takes to clean it. It gets imbedded in couches, rugs, pillows, sheets, and furniture fabric, making it difficult and time-consuming to remove.

* Human waste fee. Minimum $150 to clean up vomit, urine, or blood. If there is vomit or urine or blood on toilets and/or the floor surrounding the toilet (or other areas of the house), housekeepers will text photos for the extra fees. Housekeeper will not clean up feces or pet mess, or charge Minimum $1,500 to clean up feces. If guests make any of these types of messes, they are expected to clean it up themselves or call a waste professional service. See Duties GCCS will not perform at the very bottom.

* Handyman tasks: Housekeepers may or may not know how to do, or be comfortable doing, handyman type tasks, however, they may be asked occasionally to do simple things like replace door batteries. Housekeepers are not skilled in any handyman type tasks and may not be able to complete any such tasks. Housekeepers don’t typically carry tools other than for cleaning.

* Requests outside of regular cleaning: Any work other than typical condo cleaning, such as extensive communication with guests, maintenance, handyman, or other circumstances not involving cleaning are not included in the cleaning fee.



The content in this policy is for informational purposes only. Some of it may not apply to each condo owner. GCCS values you as a client and strives to maintain a quality service and a positive working relationship. Feel free to communicate any feedback or issues. Thank you!


Duties GCCS will not perform. There are some duties you should not expect from a housekeeper, including anything that puts them in physical danger or is not in their area of expertise. Here are a few examples of duties GCCS will not perform:

  • Outdoor window washing. We do clean the outside of sliding glass doors, but not every window. This would be a separate job than regular cleaning.

  • Cleaning up human waste. Exposure to human waste can be dangerous. If guests leave that type of mess, you should call a waste removal service. Serve-Pro charges a minimum of $1,500 for that type of mess.

  • Lifting heavy objects or moving furniture anything over about 35 pounds.

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