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Great Change Cleaning Service provides services in Pensacola and the surrounding areas including Pensacola Beach, Gulf Breeze, Navarre, Perdido, Pace, Milton, Cantonment, and Molino.
In order to make it in the cleaning industry, you must:
1. Have your own reliable transportation,
2. Be dependable,
3. Be able clean thoroughly, and

4. Have a cell phone with text and picture messaging.
Condo cleaning, move-out, residential, and small office cleaning experience is a plus.


Directions for applying:

     Copy, paste, and complete the following application to our "Contact Us" page or your personal email.


*****Due to the high volume of applications, only accurately completed applications will be considered. In the event that you are not contacted immediatley, Great Change Cleaning Service will keep applications on file for 90 days.


Great Change Cleaning Service

Independent Contractor Application




Phone Number:

Previous address:


1. Are you currently employed?

If so, where? 

What is your position and how long?

2. Who was your last employer?

3. How long were you at your last employer?

4. Why did you quit working there?

5. Are you a high school graduate?

6. Do you have any criminal record?

7. Do you have your own transportation?

8. Are you available to work on-call?

9. Are you dependable and able to be on time?

10. Can you abide by a dress code?

11. Please list any days/hours that you would NOT be able to work: 

12. Are you looking for Full-time or Part-time?

Sign (Initials):


Personal References: name / phone number / address




Business References (Last 3 jobs):Name of business/Phone Number/City:




1. Describe in detail, your impressions of the duties performed by a housekeeper.

2. Aside from pay, why do you want this position?

3. On a scale of 1 to 10, rate yourself on the following: (10 being the highest) List examples of each.

a. Dependability/being on time

b. Ability to follow directions

c. Attention to detail / being thorough

d. Efficiency with time management

e. Ability to move quickly / energetic

f. Attitude, being professional and dignified

g. Ability to prioritize and see the most important part of the big picture

4. Any other information about yourself that you would like to add: